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You might be able to get them for free or next to nothing though. Don’t think there’s any way to reliably run 2 of them together. It seems to be the most cost effective way to get more than 8 analog ins, I just hope it will sound as good as my Q and be as reliable as my Q When Aardvark started multicore driver support they went out of business, so they never fully cooked the drivers for true hyperthreading support. Subscribe to our Newsletter. They are in the data sheet I wouldn’t invest anymore in it.

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I’m just thinking of ways to make money right now, not spend it. I’ve always been curious as to why no one ever advertises the Echo stuff.

My view on Aardvark sound cards; If they work, great, and use them.

Aardvark Q10 Driver? | Cakewalk Forums

Short but good things! No, we can understand why.

Mine were aardvaek, long since paid for, and sound nice. Install was a pretty straight forward XP-like affair. I was broke and lived with the problems for far too long. It really is a great sounding card.


Aardvark Q10 | Cakewalk Forums

Anyone being able to record in Cubase with a Q10? Did you find this review helpful? The dev left with the source code for drivers, too bad, with a computer might have been trying to prniser the map. You can add multiple entries to your boot.

Hope you haven’t already bought it. Anything new will be 3. She is beautiful, and even if we never see, it gives an impression of quality.

If it offers enough of a jump in horsepower from what you currently have, then all you need to do buy the chip, flash to the latest BIOS, and swap cpu’s. It possde TRS pramplis Intgr good I have an ibm pcpentium 4, cpu q01. You need an account to post a reply.

It is a card you buy for work and stay on XP. Unfortunately, Aardvark has been out of business for many years.

Aardvark Q10

O Basically it is to get a Rolls Royce in his garage at the cost of 4L. I leave voluntarily pretty color “pink toy” side of the rack, in order to have good sound But for a home studio, no regrets, it turns! The drivers were never really that stable in my memory, some weird glitches. Towards the end I think I may have been on Nuendo even.


Originally Posted q110 vynilr. I have been lucky so far. Right now, I’m thinking along the lines of an Echo audiofire 12 I don’t need the preamps.

Aardvark Q10 Driver?

I’m just not sure investing in old computers is the best idea. However, I can’t find the web site and can’t find a place to down load the latest driver.

Sort by most recent most useful. Originally Posted by monkeyxx. For those we have lost. Interfaces, software, computer OS etc are constantly moving targets.