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No sheet symbol may reference the sheet it’s on, or any sheet higher up the ladder, as this will create an irresolvable loop in the structure. If you are not an active Altium Subscription member, please fill out the form below to get your free trial. The soldermask color should be different with the silkscreen color, please modify. The waveform will be recalled and loaded into the list of possible source simulation data waveforms for the active chart. Note that Net Labels do not connect between sheets, unless the project options are configured to use a Net Identifier Scope of Global. Notice how these connections are maintained within groups only. Getting good signal quality at the load would ideally mean zero reflections no ringing.

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Signals with no Driver

Signal Pin Has No Driver 2. Although the vector length is increasing, it remains green because the overall length of the connection lines is getting desigmer. The schematic has errors, as picgak mentioned. The dialog includes options to include a Signal Harness line and a Port, if required.

Graphical device provided to support ripping 2 different nets from opposite sides of a Bus line, without creating a short between the 2 nets.

Need Altium Designer help: Net has no driving source

It is not necessary to save models to proceed with the Signal Integrity analysis process. Free Trials Download a free trial to find out which Altium software best suits your needs. If the net names are incorrect, you must either edit the pins and change a,tium names, or display the hidden pins and wire them to the correct power nets.

These net labels will connect with all matching net labels in the project, regardless of the structure. You can perform a Signal Integrity analysis on the design using only a schematic whenever there is no PCB as part of the project.


Select a chart by clicking on its tab name at the bottom of the Waveform Analysis window.

The soldermask color should be different with the silkscreen color, please modify. They do not cross into other groups, even if they contain off-sheet connectors with matching names.

This is set in the Options tab of the Options for Project dialog. When there are multiple net naming options enabled, the precedence for naming nets is as follows:.

The presence of ports in this design, along with the absence of any sheet entries, causes the scope to automatically change to ports global.

New users Join AltiumLive to explore more of the Altium community and a,tium with like-minded design engineers. Signal Has No Driver Are you looking for?: A design is hierarchical when the sheet-to-sheet connectivity is only between Sheet Entries on the parent sheet and matching Ports on the child sheet – this connective behavior is defined by setting the Net Identifier Scope to AutomaticHierarchical or Strict Hierarchical.

But desigher could also go into the connection matrix and tell it not to flag an error for that type of connection. To control the path of the connection lines down at the individual pin-to-pin level, you can manually define From-Tos within a net, effectively creating a custom net topology.

If you dfsigner to move a waveform from one wave plot to another, click on the waveform name and drag it to the name area of the required wave plot. Typically the pins are assigned to Part 0 zeroas the pins in Part 0 are automatically added to all parts. Give meaning to role of the different nets by changing the color of their connection lines. A design is flat when the connectivity is directly from one sheet to another – this connective designner is defined by setting the Net Identifier Scope to AutomaticFlat or Global.


There are number of different net identifiers that can be used to connect between sheets. Stay up to date with the latest technology and industry trends with our complete collection of technical white papers.

Download Altium Designer Installer. DAC input digital signals, how to generate? In this way, you are free to test various termination strategies, without making physical changes to your board.

The SimData panel enables you to add waveforms from the available source data to the active wave plot and obtain measurement information based on the selected waveform and measurements calculated using the measurement cursors.

Signal Has No Driver

So what is compiling and why does the design need to be compiled? It is important to remember that for hierarchical designs a project can contain only one top sheet; all other source documents must be referenced by sheet symbols. Net Labels always name the net they are attached altim.

This line is called the Optimal Placement Vector, its function is to give an indication of whether the new location is n green or worse red than the previous location. We have the perfect program for you.

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