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The problem that I was having is that I was misinterpreting exactly what the “front” and “side” outputs were. Is there a bag included? Im having exactly the same issues, could one of you please give me some info on how you have got this problem resolved. In my device manager, it shows up as “other devices” with a yellow flag. Its killing me, ive been going through the settings checking everything and looking at my mapping.

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Even when powering down exactly as suggested.

Im using a macbook pro also. Switch off your controller Never unplug or switch off the vms during your system is active greetz rob. To use it with Mixxx: I have recently bought a VMS2 and Im working virtual dj le with it, its working fine except the sound quality coming through my headphones is poor, often crackly and very fast small skips or blanks in the music which make it sound awful, also the songs waveform doesnt load up properly on some of the songs Can it be used for Karaoke?

Moving them from the edge does not stop the deck. I presume this is what you mean?

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – American Audio VMS2 Hardware/Audio driver problem

As you move the fader right both tracks play, including if the fader is all the way to the right. I recently purchased the VMS2 audoi controller and am vmd2 problems with the audio routing. Do you have issues when shutting down VirtualDJ? Or anybody who has any information to help me with this or has personally overcome these problems in the past?? The left vertical volume fader seems to control the volume for both tracks.


Anyone else experience this or anything similar that they can share? Bypass the amreican hardware equalizer of the VMS2 i. You could use a separate soundcard and route the headphone output there to also pre-listen using the preview deck.

Sorry I took so long. Jeff AmeeicanJul 15, All main functions are mapped straightforwardly: Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: The controller works fine on my desktop and in it’s device manager shows up as “sound, video and game controllers”.

Although the state of the controls is reflected on screen in Mixxx, the actual mixing is done by the VMS2’s hardware mixer. If you could let me know how you resolved the issues with x-fader and line fader i would greatly appreciate it.

American Audio VMS2 User Manual And Reference Manual: Asio Driver Installation

I just cant seem to see where the problem lies. The LED on the left will be the first number, on the right, is the second number. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to expand entries in the sidebar through the controller script. I was hoping it wasnt an issue with the controller or asii but I have had problems in the past with virtual dj home with the same things. Sound is able to be output to my speakers, so the problem comes with the “Output routing” settings.


If I have two tracks loaded one in track A and one in track Bthe crossfader seems to act more like a master volume. Does anybody know if maybe my laptop needs revamping?? To use it with Mixxx:. I believe that the problem is with the vmx2 sound routing, but the store is convinced that my traktor settings are causing the problem.

Audio Output with American Audio VMS2

In order to fix it, I need to reboot the computer which results in a BSODthen connect the VMS2 back in and uninstall the drivers, turn off and turn back on the unit to re-install the drivers. My phone wouldn’t let me post a reply before.

My setup is as follows: