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Especially as the menus are also circular. That means you’ll have one copy in your main library and one in your playlist. You may have noticed in the YouTube video that I was able to catch two stations without plugging anything into either jack. Video My review unit came preloaded with three video clips that, according to the GSpot codec app, were kbps, kbps, and kbps XviD files x running at 30 frames per second fps. Skip to main content.

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The icon of whichever option you are currently highlighting appears in the centre, fully lit and larger than the other icons on the screen.

iRiver X20 Silver/Black ( 8 GB ) Digital Media Player

There’s been irivfr careful consideration about the interface, resulting in this being one of very few players to ape the iPod’s signature wheel control. The abundant media storage capacity found on this digital media player enables you to hold onto umpteen dictation, tracks, and photos for easy access whenever you like.

The H10 has been perhaps the greatest mainstay of the resistance against iPod tyranny for the past couple of years. But in the meantime, I’m gonna wear it out. The back of the X20 has a battery cover that can be removed just like that of a mobile phone.

The Good Built-in speaker; stylish design; high-resolution screen; user-replaceable battery; built-in card reader; simple menus; loads of extra features such as OGG support and FM radio.


The iRiver X20 music player makes it easy for you to hook up to a laptop and upload your media files thanks to its USB 2. I used it as a regular USB thumb drive a few times to move various files between computers and it worked flawlessly. With its 56mm 2. Furthermore, this iRiver MP4 is very small, which means you are able to stow it anywhere inside a pants pocket irover purse. I have had this for a couple of months and I love it. Except for in the music section, where ID3 tags rule all, everything is just listed alphabetically with no iirver options.

Listening to anything via headphones and the integrated speakers simultaneously is not possible. Navigation using the clickable wheel is simple and logical: Just knowing that the next time I need to take a 3 or 4 hour iriber I will never be bored makes me feel like I made the right choice. Product Key Features Storage Capacity.

iRiver X20 | TechRadar

I also like the FM radio. Lee is z20 founder of Pocketables. The radio uses the earphone cord as the antenna. The design is pretty basic in a candybar-phone sort of way, really: Against Scroll wheel is too small Plasticky build. Since one of the videos went over the stated maximum bitrate of kbps, I dragged-and-dropped and tried to play six different movies with similar specs.

Reason is, bought my lenovo display google assistant for the same price and got a bigger screen, See our privacy policy for more information.


I just sort of shrugged and took it out of the box. The video game that helped me understand my grandma’s dementia. Screen is tiny for watching video. Video My review unit came preloaded with three video clips that, according to the GSpot codec app, were kbps, kbps, and kbps XviD files x running at 30 frames per second fps.

I use it to record in MP3 from my home stereo. Even without that, I would have chosen this because it has a removeable, replaceable Li-ion battery – a vast convenience when compared with the Apple approach.

It’s something of a novelty and we’re not big fans. There’s just not enough grip between your finger and the wheel and it’s a little imprecise at landing on menu options. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The player is made predominantly completely? The player does not support the creation of on-the-go OTG playlists, but the “Now Playing” feature functions in a similar way.

I am completely satisfi ed with it so far and for the price it’s an amazing value.